Retail Motivation… and some exciting news!

28 Aug

Happy Wednesday! “Hump Day” may be cliché, but every week when it rolls around, I really do feel like it’s a hump I need to get over, and I feel so much better once I do. Last night I left work thinking about my finances and budget (always a delightful conversation in my head), and I had a really good talk with myself about spending money… or not spending money I guess. Since my run was out of the way, I insisted that Blair and I eat dinner the moment I got home. This was easy to accomplish since “dinner” was leftover roast chicken and a tomato salad I whipped up in about five seconds (it was devoured too quickly to snap a picture). After dinner, Blair headed to the gym and I had planned on doing some reading catching up on The Newsroom, but I felt inspired to do a little arm workout. I discovered that home arm workouts are probably not for me. My dumbbells are just a little too light, so I did a million (read:25) reps before I fatigued and moved on to the next set. I either need to hit the gym for my arms or invest in some heavier dumbbells. It’s also hard to stay focused on working out when the fate of the ACN staff is at stake!

When Blair got back, he innocently asked if I wanted to go for a walk. I should have sniffed him out right then and there, he rarely just wants to go for a walk; he’s a run or nothing kinda guy unless there’s ice cream at the end. Fifteen minutes later, we’re outside of Pacers, where he “needs” to get new running shoes. Harmless enough, right? Wong. There is nothing more intoxicating and tempting than a store full of beautiful running apparel and shoes, especially if you’re in desperate need of running apparel and shoes. I’ll spare you the details and cut to the chase: Pacers has great sales! I failed my budgetary mission of not spending any money, BUT I got TWO pairs of normally expensive running shorts for 50 bucks! (Plus Runner’s World magazine, but I needed it,  back off). Here’s my rationalization: I always tell myself that I’m not allowed to buy workout clothes unless I prove to myself that I’m going to be consistent in my workouts… which I never am. But the last few weeks I’ve really been committed and unless I plan on doing laundry every 4 days, which I do not, I need shorts.

Fun little polka dots? Of COURSE I'm going to run fast in these

Fun little polka dots? Of COURSE I’m going to run fast in these

I’m happy to report that I did not splurge on the $30 tank top that was calling my name, and I was rewarded for my patience. Because I am a Pacers club member, Blair’s and my purchases qualified me for $20 OFF on my next purchase… hellooooo mint green tank top! I’ve decided that I have to do a better job cleaning up my eating/fueling before I’m allowed to get the tank. Long story short, I had a dose of retail therapy AND retail motivation last night!

I have some exciting news: I purchased and received in the mail my course book to become certified in Adult Weight Management. It will be a long, tedious process but when I’m finished and take the exam, I’ll have some more credentials that will hopefully help me in my pursuit of a wellness career. As I go through the book, I may just share some of the tips I pick up, I’m so excited to learn and pass it on! I’d also be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to dust off my highlighters and index cards, I love that stuff! I can’t wait to get over this Wednesday hump and begin the downward slide to a long weekend. 🙂


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