The Way, Way Back

8 Aug
Funny, sad, amazing cast, check check and check!

Funny, sad, amazing cast, check check and check!

Tuesday night I did something I haven’t done all summer: went to a movie. In the last couple of weeks I’ve made some new friends and I have finally found a girl friend who loves the movies. We share a bond in that we are both dating guys who have to be dragged to the theater, so from now on we’re leaving them at home and hitting up the movies on our own. When we made our Tuesday night plans my friend kept hyping up the Courthouse theater (5 minutes from where we live), and how amazing the leather seats were. I can’t lie, the way she talked about it, I never thought it could live up to the description. I was so very wrong. We get into the theater and everyone basically gets their own La-Z-Boy chair, they even recline! My friend was an AMC rewards member, and due for a reward so we were stocked with snacks and drinks; it was pretty much the best movie theater experience I’ve ever had. If they ever start selling wine there I’ll probably never go anywhere else on weekends. Now that I’ve talked the theater to death, on to the movie. I haven’t seen any other movies this summer, but I have to imagine this is one of the best. Check out the cast and you won’t be surprised that I feel this way, it was pretty much a can’t-lose. Steve Carell is perfect and not over the top as the main character’s mom’s jerk of a boyfriend, and Allison Janney just about steals the show as the crazy drunken neighbor. Without giving anything away, the film is about a 14ish-year old kid, who is quiet with low self-esteem and has to go to a beach house for the summer with his mom, her boyfriend, and the boyfriend’s daughter. I would say it’s a typical coming of age story, but it doesn’t feel cliché as you’re watching it. I laughed out loud more times than I could count, but there were very sad parts too, and moments that were almost too awkward to bear. Since I’m not a movie critic, I can throw out the term “indie”, because it did feel very indie-esque. It’s not a movie everyone needs to rush out to watch, but when it comes out on demand, it is definitely a must-see. It also made me think about adolescence and the difficulty of growing up. As a young adult, I tend to glorify childhood and my early teens as this time when nothing was difficult since I didn’t have to pay bills or work. It’s easy to forget that just because the troubles and responsibilities were different, it doesn’t mean that things weren’t hard. Kids are mean, and you don’t have any worldly knowledge or even a clue how to navigate life. I still wouldn’t mind going back in time every now and then, but this movie helped me appreciate where I am in my life now.   Having a night out with a new friend is always fun, and I feel like I’m starting to have a little social circle down here; it’s a great feeling.

Not everybody feels this way, but for some reason, after I get out of a movie, I always have a brighter outlook on life, and a new resolve to do things better. I tried to carry that through to Wednesday and I actually managed to cross a few things off my to-do list, hooray! I have not tried my tomato gelatte yet, but Blair may just have to be my guinea pig next week when I test it out, stay tuned!

What is your must-see movie before the end of the summer?


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  1. Tracy August 9, 2013 at 10:52 pm #

    If you try that tomato galette from smitten kitchen let me know, I made her zucchini ricotta galette last week and it uses the same dough. I’ll give you some helpful hints!

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