Happy Belated National Running Day!

6 Jun
Okay, so I'm a day late!

Okay, so I’m a day late!

Yesterday was National Running Day, did you celebrate??

I’ve thought a lot about changing the name of this blog to something that relates to running and/or food. I feel like that’s what I’ve been talking about quite a bit recently more so than my other random thoughts. Part of this is because I’m not writing enough; trust me I have plenty of random thoughts to fill a blog with. The other reason is that running has actually become a fixture in my life. Over the last few years I’ve had this obsession with becoming a runner. I imagined that if I logged enough miles, got fast enough, and could run 6 miles with no problem, I would transform. Magically, my whole aura would change, and people on the streets would see me and think “That girl is definitely a runner”. Like most of my obsessions, I have spent most of my time imagining and thinking about running, and not nearly as much time actually running. I’ve come to realize that obsessing over something is just another way for me to be lazy. I allow myself to be so consumed with thinking about it, that I don’t actually do it. This isn’t really a novel idea, and I don’t consider myself a ground-breaking philosopher, but I’d never really thought about it this way.

The cool thing is, over the last 5 weeks, without trying that hard, I’ve managed to make a habit of just getting outside and hitting the pavement. I don’t stress about it, I don’t guilt myself into it, I don’t put it off until the last possible minute, I just go out there and do it. The first week, I got really ambitious and wanted to time myself every day, and log my miles so that I could constantly track my progress. This is not a bad thing; I think it’s important to measure progress if you want to get better at something. But again, it became obsessive. That first week I ran four times, the next dropped off to three, and the next down to two. But after that week of only running twice, something happened that normally doesn’t. The next week I picked it back up. I didn’t spend any time telling myself that I had fallen off the wagon, or that I was never going to improve because I’m not dedicated enough. It’s almost like my brain was sick of beating me down. So I just ran. I’ve stopped logging and tracking, which is something I do want to get back to, but in a much more relaxed way. Instead of thinking of it as a report card, I want to think of it the same way I think of journaling/ blogging. It’s just a photograph, a footprint, a mark of where I was at that particular time. This week I have thoroughly enjoyed my runs, and even looked forward to them (despite extremely sore quads; I lifted Monday for the first time in a while. Ouch.) I’m still not fast, and I still walk sometimes. But my breathing gets easier all the time, and running itself is starting to feel good. I hope to start taking the obsession and stress out of more things in my life, because if I could feel as good the rest of the day as I do for 45 minutes of running in the hot sun, I’d be in a pretty good spot. I plan on writing a lot about food and running, but I’m not ready to just put my blog into one category. I have so much other random junk floating in my mind that should be discussed, not to mention I don’t know what my  many adoring readers would do without my humor in their life!



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