15 May
Taken midstride. Key Bridge connects Arlington to Georgetown. Running it without being blown off is its own accomplishment.

Taken midstride. Key Bridge connects Arlington to Georgetown. Running it without being blown off is its own accomplishment.


Win. Such a fun word, because it symbolizes hard work that has impacted an outcome. It’s a simple way of saying “It was worth it”. That is how I have felt each day for the last week and a half as I write the word WIN next to my workout plan each day. Whether it was a 5 mile long run, or just following through with the promise to my body to take the day off, I have won every day for the last 10 days. My diet has been another story, but let’s stick to the positives, shall we? This past Sunday I tried to run my heart out on the windiest of days, through a 5-mile loop to Georgetown. This run is killer because the last 2 miles or so are peppered with very steep hills. I don’t consider myself an advanced enough runner to do specific “hill workouts” and I generally try to avoid hills at all costs, but in Arlington, they are simply unavoidable. The cool thing about sticking with a workout plan for the first time ever, and really pushing myself to run fast, is that I’m actually seeing results. I ran with my coworker yesterday and we decided to do a quick 3 miles, and she said we ran much faster than we did last week when we attempted the same run. I feel myself getting stronger, and running with a partner yesterday made me realize something that made me proud and ashamed all at once: I’m starting to listen to my breathing and pay attention to the rhythm of my footfalls and arm pumps. This may not seem like a big deal, but if you ever pick up a Runner’s World or any other running magazine, you will read all of the pro-runners babbling on about not listening to music because they want to listen to their bodies, or some nonsense like that. I always scoff, roll my eyes, and flip the page. I don’t have time for that kind of pretentious judgment about the fact that I literally need Britney Spears in order to finish a run. But yesterday was different. I didn’t have music, because that would have been rude to Alison, but we were also running too fast to talk. I started to hear an almost musical rhythm between my breaths and my feet hitting the ground, and it was like a mantra, telling me to keep pushing. It was very cool. I don’t plan on running solo without music any time soon, but I do plan on keeping the volume low enough that I can still feel that rhythm.

I’ve never been in such a good place with running, and I hope I can keep writing WIN next to my workouts for months to come.



One Response to “WIN”

  1. Tracy May 15, 2013 at 10:02 pm #

    I’m so impressed!! I need to step up my game!!

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