Now If Only I knew Where to Find the Yemen…

11 May

Tonight I had the unique and treasured opportunity to spend time alone. I’m a weird mix of introvert and extrovert, so a night like this is perfect for me to reset. Right as I settled in to my night of solitude, I started thinking of the people in town I could call to make plans with. One of my most infuriating traits, I am NEVER satisfied. If I’m alone, I want to be with people; when I have plans, I pout in my head about how nice it would be to sit around and do nothing. When things stay the same, I crave change; when I make a move, I totally freak out.

After I stashed away my thoughts of making plans for the night, I curled up onto my couch for some relaxation and TV watching. But the sun was still out, and I think all the running lately has made it difficult for me to veg out for hours at a time. I decided to take a stroll by myself, with no particular destination or purpose. Last night Blair’s friend Matt texted me about a band he’s been listening to lately called Lord Huron. They will be playing at Bonnaroo and he suggested I give them a listen (and this is why you make the decision not to be a hipster, but to have hipster friends to tell you about good music without being a stuck up snob that wears a fedora to be ironic). They’re this cool mix of folksy-rock (that’s a very technical term for you non-hipsters), and I put them on as I walked around Arlington by myself. As I type, I realize this reads like a very depressing post, but I felt happy as I took my stroll alone. I moved here in a blur and immediately disliked my job and started stressing about money. I haven’t taken the time to appreciate the things Arlington has given me that Philly couldn’t. I can walk to the metro to take into the city whenever I want. I have a Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s just minutes away in one direction, and a Target in another. I feel safe everywhere I go (within reason), and have already hiked and run to beautiful places right in town.When I want to go some place, I go, with no fear of not being able to find parking when I get back. I have a gym equipped with the only equipment I really need, and it’s two buildings away from me. For some reason, it’s been so easy to forget why the idea of living here appealed to me so much. But tonight I remembered, and it felt nice.

When I got back I put on a movie that I had DVR’d only because I had heard decent things about it during Oscar season, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. It’s quirky, so I liked it immediately. It was very slow moving and dry, the perfect movie to cozy up to on your couch with some week-old Chardonnay (yikes, don’t tell anyone). There was moment, and I can’t even remember what was happening in the movie, but I’m sure it was something uplifting, when I thought to myself, “I’m going to be okay. My life is going to be okay”. There are some people in this world who would find that quote to be utterly ridiculous, because they’ve never had any thoughts to the contrary. I’m very happy for those people, and at some point would like the chance to punch them in the face. For the rest of you humans, I am sure you can empathize with that one moment, that brief second in a world of chaos when you hear a song, or look out a window, or do anything that causes a ripple, or even possibly a long breeze of calmness and relief to wash over you. It doesn’t have to last long, and I’m sure by tomorrow when I’m at work on a rainy Saturday I will have forgotten all about it, but in that moment, I remembered myself. It felt really good. If I had given in to my characteristic need for company and called someone to hang out with me, I wouldn’t have had my little epiphany with the fish. I can’t predict how I’ll feel tomorrow, or next week, but just like the days that I plan for 4 miles and actually run 4 miles, today goes down as a WIN 🙂


One Response to “Now If Only I knew Where to Find the Yemen…”

  1. Tracy May 12, 2013 at 11:16 pm #

    Sounds like a perfect night! Nick makes fun of me for being like that, too; I go on and on about wanting alone time and then I get it and 5 minutes later I’m getting antsy for someone to hang out with me 🙂

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