Sliding Down the Slippery Slope

20 Mar


Don’t they just look so innocent? And haven’t you heard all of the wonderful things about dark chocolate, and almonds? What could be better than pairing them together with a dash of sea salt? Nothing. Or that would be the answer, if these puppies weren’t packing so much saturated fat… or if it were possible to eat one. Or two. Or three. Or five. Or eight. Sadly, these factors exist and so I’ve had to accept the harsh reality that for now, I can’t handle them being in my home. So naturally, I had to eat all of them, heartburn-be-damned, and destroy the evidence. Now all that is left is a delicious, chocolatey  memory of gluttony. In my former, less-than-healthy days of weight/food obsession, I would have spent the remainder of my night feeling guilty, worthless, and planning an oh-so-realistic 10 mile run for tomorrow. However, along with my healthier attitude towards whole, plant-based foods, comes an improved attitude towards food in general. That is not to say I will just give myself up to cravings and forget about all of my goals; it’s a slippery slope and I set out to make over my diet (and my life while I’m at it!). What I need is balance. I need to be able to eat well 96% of the time, so that the occasional overeating of dark chocolate covered almonds is something to laugh at, not something that keeps me up at night. It’s amazing to me that I know so many dietitians, and we all have many of the same struggles that everyone else has. One little slip-up can mean a day (or five) of terrible eating. Changing this behavior is not an overnight process for me. Every day I get better, and every day I feel better about the good choices I’ve made, and I feel less bad about the indulgences. But I don’t want to forget the bigger picture, and I don’t want to end up at the bottom of the slope wondering how the hell I slid so fast, and so I will keep striving to be better.


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