The Big Winner of the Night is…

8 Nov

Butternut squash! I won’t bore everyone with an epic novel, but I have to share that I finally made a successful B.S. dish. So simple, I sauteed some leaks with garlic in butter, added blended butternut squash, and tossed it with pasta. Sage and parmesan to finish, and some feta cheese on top, it was amazing. Best of all, it was low-cal because the squash makes the sauce creamy! The season can now come and go, and I will be satisfied knowing I conquered B.S.

Some of you out there (actually all 2-3  of you) may be happy to know, I applied to a job at University Hospital today. I’m not expecting much, but I felt like it was a good start. It’s a clinical position, which obviously doesn’t thrill me, but my job security dwindles with every passing day. I looked up Case Western, and I think if I got a job in Cleveland, I would also apply for their MPH program to start next fall. In the meantime, I’m applying for jobs in Chicago, Pittsburgh, NYC, and Philly also. I just don’t think I can avoid a masters to do what I’d like to do. My mental carousel just keeps going around and around! So if anyone has any brilliant ideas for my career, I am all ears!


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