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All Aboard!

28 Nov

Finally! Some direction in my life! I can’t remember the last time I thought about my future and actually felt excited, until now. Excited, stressed, anxious, nervous, petrified, but mostly excited… I have about a billion and a half things to do between now and January 2nd. Project numero uno: applying for and obtaining a Washington, DC license to practice. This should be a mere matter of paperwork, “paper” being the operative word, as in dolla dolla bills; this thing is going to cost me $269. For a piece of paper that says I passed an exam. This is in addition to the piece of paper that I already have from the Academy (national),that I paid for, that says I passed an exam. I’m a Democrat and everything, but some of this bureaucratic nonsense is  a little much for me. I’ll be lucky if I get this damn license in time. 

Next on my stress list is of course, finding a home! Temporary? Long-term? City? Suburb? Alone? Roommate??? I’m hoping to get some appointments for this weekend and next set up. I only have those two times to see places before Bam! I’m there. Blair told me that his roommate from college said he would know by the end of the week if they have an extra room or not. Obviously this would be preferable, but I just have this sneaking suspicion that it won’t work out.   So, that leaves me under two weeks to find a place in DC where I can start this new journey, no problem! 

In between feverishly checking Craigslist and my email, and my mail, I plan on doing the necessary research on the things that matter most: Restaurants! Shopping! The Zoo! Wineries! Call me a martyr, I do it all for you people. When you get yourselves on down to visit, I’ll have an itinerary chalk-full of both historical and modern activities. Play your cards ride and I might even hook us up with a Segway tour! In the meantime, join me on this month-long expedition of uprooting my life. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it will be better than Cats, and I may just make it to Christmas alive! Babs, you may not fare so well 🙂


The Big Winner of the Night is…

8 Nov

Butternut squash! I won’t bore everyone with an epic novel, but I have to share that I finally made a successful B.S. dish. So simple, I sauteed some leaks with garlic in butter, added blended butternut squash, and tossed it with pasta. Sage and parmesan to finish, and some feta cheese on top, it was amazing. Best of all, it was low-cal because the squash makes the sauce creamy! The season can now come and go, and I will be satisfied knowing I conquered B.S.

Some of you out there (actually all 2-3  of you) may be happy to know, I applied to a job at University Hospital today. I’m not expecting much, but I felt like it was a good start. It’s a clinical position, which obviously doesn’t thrill me, but my job security dwindles with every passing day. I looked up Case Western, and I think if I got a job in Cleveland, I would also apply for their MPH program to start next fall. In the meantime, I’m applying for jobs in Chicago, Pittsburgh, NYC, and Philly also. I just don’t think I can avoid a masters to do what I’d like to do. My mental carousel just keeps going around and around! So if anyone has any brilliant ideas for my career, I am all ears!