17 Oct

Sooooo I thought this picture was necessary; it kind of sums up my feelings about the impending debate. I really just want to close my eyes til it’s over, and only look if things went Obama’s way. I just don’t think I can listen to another three weeks of what I’ve had to listen to in the last three. I also can’t bear any more ignorant facebook posts of everyone’s genius (parents’) views on the candidates. I’m even sick of Morning Joe. My feelings at this stage of the game are causing me to question my commitment to politics. It’s akin to my half-marathon training style: Start out guns blazing, ready to kick this thing’s ass with all my enthusiasm; then just before the actual home stretch, I find myself missing runs (i.e. Morning Joe), not really looking forward to even the short distance (Daily Show), and before I know it, the half-marathon is here and I’m about 50% ready. Only in this case I’ll be 100% to just vote already and have everyone just shut up about it. Yikes, this post got really crotchety, really fast. I think mostly, I just wanted to post this classic picture of the people I love looking really silly, so here it is: enjoy!Image



One Response to “S…”

  1. Tracy October 17, 2012 at 2:29 am #

    Bahahaha how did you get this picture?! Girl’s gotta eat!

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