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17 Oct

Sooooo I thought this picture was necessary; it kind of sums up my feelings about the impending debate. I really just want to close my eyes til it’s over, and only look if things went Obama’s way. I just don’t think I can listen to another three weeks of what I’ve had to listen to in the last three. I also can’t bear any more ignorant facebook posts of everyone’s genius (parents’) views on the candidates. I’m even sick of Morning Joe. My feelings at this stage of the game are causing me to question my commitment to politics. It’s akin to my half-marathon training style: Start out guns blazing, ready to kick this thing’s ass with all my enthusiasm; then just before the actual home stretch, I find myself missing runs (i.e. Morning Joe), not really looking forward to even the short distance (Daily Show), and before I know it, the half-marathon is here and I’m about 50% ready. Only in this case I’ll be 100% to just vote already and have everyone just shut up about it. Yikes, this post got really crotchety, really fast. I think mostly, I just wanted to post this classic picture of the people I love looking really silly, so here it is: enjoy!Image



B.S. Dinner

11 Oct

Ok so this pic isn’t great, but this is the general idea. It turned out ok, but I feel like it was a little lacking in flavor! But I have no idea what I could have added. Maybe just more salt? I’m just not sure about it.



11 Oct

Big night tonight people! No, I don’t mean the VP debate, I’m too nervous to even think about that. Tonight, I am attempting to cook butternut squash. Widely feared and avoided, the butternut squash is a highly dangerous foe because it is death-defying to handle/cut.

My first thought was to bake it whole, in the oven, to soften it up before cutting and cubing it. Then I thought, what if I nuked it in the microwave for a few minutes? Now, some of you may recall that I have a minor aversion to using the microwave for cooking real food. However I made peace with it because I’ll be baking/cooking it again, so that cancels out the original sin of microwaving. Right? After hunting through countless boring recipes involving brown sugar (I’m not interested in sweet, only savory, which equals salty in my book), I landed on a Giada recipe for penne with B.S., onion, and goat cheese. How could that go wrong? The only thing I am apprehensive about is the chef behind this recipe. Giada is notorious for teasing us with a great-sounding recipe, only to let us down with a complete lack of flavor. I’m feeling good about this one, mostly because I love goat cheese. Check back when you get a chance and I’ll post a picture of my hopefully wildly successful dish. A friend is coming over, so I will no doubt be flustered in the kitchen, and at that point anything can happen.

Tracy, didn’t you make a delicious B.S. something? I’d love to make a ravioli stuffed with it, with toasted walnuts on top and a creamy sauce… Maybe next time

In other news, my hair is very blonde. You may be shocked when you see it… And if you like it or hate it, it really doesn’t matter because given my latest medically-induced poverty, this will be my final round of highlights. (Add that to my list of spoiled brat complaints)


10 Oct

This is a tester, I literally have no idea what I’m doing. I think the saddest thing about this little blog will be that at this moment there are probably hundreds of thousands of 6 year-olds that could produce a better blog than me, complete with animation and a goodie bag for you when you leave. Sadly, I am not one such 6 year-old. I am a 25 (!!) year-old with only slightly better odds at using the restroom when I need to. But this is my little piece of internet real estate, and most likely the only piece of real estate I will have possession of (do I own this blog? Probably not, it was free… otherwise I wouldn’t be here) in the next decade. Did you come here to read a sob story about an over-privileged gal whose financial “struggles” include not being able to go shopping when she feels like it, occasionally staying in on weekends, and not going on two vacations each year? I didn’t think so, which is why I don’t plan on boring you with too many posts about such struggles. However, as previously mentioned, this is my little internet house, and sometimes when you come over, the house will be a mess. So if you don’t want to stay for coffee on those particular days, feel free to stop by another day when thingsĀ may be a little more picked up. No promises. I’m going to try to learn how to post pictures, and other fun little diddies, but being that this is a FREE blog, and I was born pre-2000, I really don’t know what I’ll be capable of. It can be a little journey we go on together, just don’t forget who’s driving. (That would be me, call it my desperate attempt to have control over something; Lord knows an eating disorder or “exercise obsession” is really not for me) If you agree or disagree with what I have to say in my internet abode, don’t expect me to A.) Care that much B.) Read your mind, ipso facto, post a comment! Otherwise I’m that weird new person in the neighborhood that no one wants to bring zucchini bread over to. Don’t make me be that person. Wrapping it up, be ready for some major rhetorical thrills coming your way, stay tuned! Also Mom, feel free to correct my grammar..